visual identity.

Completely redesigned pre-show experience.

Cinema Hengelo asked me to make a new pre-show experience preceding any movie on the big cinema screens. It had to make people feel welcome, in a pleasant atmosphere. But it had to also give people a 'wow the movie is starting' feeling.


months of work


GB of footage


times played on screen

old but new.

This is the final edit.

This is the pre-show experience to build up the movies preceding the pre-show at Cinema Hengelo. It was a singular project because of the size of the final screen, where everything moves faster and the wide viewing angle, together with the surrounding audio, makes you feel inside the movie.

This one preshow is used preceding all movies at Cinema Hengelo which made it a challenging project. As Cinema Hengelo is an 'old-school' theatre the underlying idea is to emphasise that by using 4K macro footage of an old-school projector and its working elements.

The pre-show has been showed every day in five cinema’s for over two years. With that it has been showed for over 14.000 times, for more than 100.000 unique visitors.

ClientCinema HengeloServicesDesign, Art DirectionYear2016Link

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