Identity and print materials for an honours student association

S.V. Salio is a student association for students who take part in the Saxion Top Talent programme. Salio means 'leap' in latin, but the old logo didn't represent that. The visual identity does represent that. I did the rebranding of the logo, website and print materials.

"No great thing, no beautiful invention was created in a vacuum. It happens when we leave our comfort zone and come together, embracing faiths, cultures, disabilities, differences."

logo variations.

the leap.

The semi-circle representing the leap

The S.V. Salio logo has been build up by semi-circles and the Salio word mark in Avenir. The semi-circles represent the various Top Talent students who are a part of Top Talent. The best way Saxion Top Talent works is together, not alone. This is reflected in the logo.

The truth is, we don't see things the same. The power is, we don't see things the same. This is represented in the logo as the semi-circles each face another way.

student community.

The pattern representing the student community

The idea behind this pattern arises from the idea behind the logo, where the semi-circles in the logo represent individual students, the pattern shows all members together. Together they are stronger than alone.

photo design.

poster designs.



This is the identity and print materials I made for an honours student association in The Netherlands. For more information about the student association, please go to their website. For more information about the project you can always contact me via the contact form.

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